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Quick Tip #1

Accounting Tip: Quickbook Users! Check out this video for a helpful tip when managing your expenses!

Quick Tip #2

Tax Tip: Self-Employed? Check out this video for a helpful tip to get the best out of your deductions!

Quick Tip #3

Small Business Tip: Word of mouth advertising is free! Use it to its full advantage.

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Talking Triggers by Jay Baer

Quick Tip #4

Tax Tip: If you are self-employed and pay for your own health insurance, you may be able to deduct your premiums.

Quick Tip #5

Accounting Tip: Create personal and business budgets. You need to have a plan for each dollar.

Quick Tip #6

Small Business Tip: Having a trusted CPA who you feel comfortable reaching out to can make a difference in the success of your business. Allow your CPA the chance to provide their advice BEFOREHAND to save yourself some preventable mistakes and headaches down the road.

Quick Tip #7

Small Business Tip: When should you reach out to your CPA? - Part 1

-->BEFORE you open your business<--

Your CPA can help ascertain whether you're ready to launch your new business and help set you up for success from the very first day!

Quick Tip #8

Small Business Tip: When should you reach out to your CPA? - Part 2

-->BEFORE setting up your administrative process<--

Your CPA can advise you on best practices & processes. Their experience can assist setting up

  • Sales Tax
  • Invoice Tracking
  • Federal and State Taxes
  • Payroll and much more!!!! 

Quick Tip #9

Small Business Tip: When should you reach out to your CPA? - Part 3

-->BEFORE entering a transaction<--

Regardless of whether you're buying out a partner or signing a new purchase order, you should consult your CPA prior to the transaction.

Remember, that's what they're there for and why you pay them! Using your resources to the fullest will help ensure that you are getting the most out of your company dollars! 

Quick Tip #10

Tax Tip: What's the difference between a Tax Deduction vs. a Tax Credit?

Quick Tip #11

Accounting Tip: Death…something nobody wants to think about, but one of the few certainties in life along with taxes. Unless you want to leave your family with added stress and allow the government to decide how to handle your estate, you need a plan! Check out this video for some tips on how to prepare.

Quick Tip #12

Accounting Tip: Record Keeping - Need more space? Clean out those paper and digital filing cabinets! Here's a quick video of all of the documents you'll need to keep and for how long. Still have questions? Contact our CPA and we can help!

Quick Tip #13

Small Business Tip: Succession Planning - It's never too early to have a plan! Watch this quick video for a few tips to help start the process today!

Quick Tip #14

Tax Tip: Crypto Currency - Are you wanting to be a part of the cryptocurrency movement, but have questions? Here are a few tips & things to think about when dealing with virtual currency.  

To research more, please check out these links! 

Scam Review - ScamAnalyze 

IRS Guidelines - IRS Virtual Currency Guidance & Frequently Asked Questions on Virtual Currency Transactions

Quick Tip #15

Tax Tip: Hobby vs. Business - Do you have something you enjoy doing that provides you with some extra spending 💰? Many people do! However, the tax treatment of a hobby vs. a business is very different!

👉Check out this 🎥 for a few tips!👈

Quick Tip #16

Small Business Tip:  - A new year is here & it's time to breathe some life into your plans with some goal setting & strategic planning! Here are some tips to help you set them & most importantly, how to achieve them!  

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